Argentine journalist shares why Liverpool haven’t announced Alexis Mac Allister just yet

Liverpool’s announcement of the signing of Alexis Mac Allister has been delayed ever so slightly.

After the reliable news that Mac Allister’s move to Anfield has been completed, Liverpool fans were all set to see their new man in red yesterday. However, as the day ticked on, it became clear it wasn’t going to happen.

Understandably, this has created some concern amongst some supporters. Having been scarred by the infamous non-arrival of Nabil Fekir back in 2018, some jitters have started that something may have gone wrong.

Thankfully, Argentine journalist Cesar Luis Merlo was on hand to put Liverpool fans’ minds at ease. Taking to Twitter around 8pm last night, Merlo said things were only delayed due to ‘logical reasons.’

“Alexis Mac Allister signs his contract with Liverpool tomorrow [Thursday],” Merlo wrote. “It will be until June 2028. The medical examinations have already been carried out and was delayed due to logical reasons for this type of transfer.”

Liverpool fans waiting patiently for Mac
It’s anyone’s guess as to what these ‘logical reasons’ are. But with the medical reportedly done, we think ‘logically’ Merlo is referring to media duties and the like.

There’s a lot that goes into announcing a signing these days. With Mac Allister already being spotted at the AXA Training Centre, he’s likely have been jumping through the Liverpool media team’s hoops.

That may make for an agonising wait for fans as they strive to get a first glimpse of their new man. But it also makes it much more worth their while.

Everything from a signing day video to a first interview as a Liverpool player is likely to have been done. These things take time to edit and put together. With the window still not even technically open, there’s no massive need to rush.

Obviously, Liverpool fans have been here before though. They know better than most that things aren’t done until they’re done in terms of transfers.

Back in 2018, they were also on the verge of signing a World Cup winner – albeit one who was still a month away from lifting the trophy – Nabil Fekir.

With interviews done and dusted and having even been pictured in a Liverpool kit, the deal was suddenly off. Never again, please. Fingers crossed all is well then, and we see Mac Allister grinning away in his new Reds top later today.