Breaking News: Wolfsburg winger Kevin Paredes on Micky van de Ven


Wolfsburg winger Kevin Paredes on Micky van de Ven:

“The Tottenham fans really like him already. When I went to watch a game with him he had to wear a ski mask to hide his face so he could just watch, but even then, people were eyeing him up and stuff. They knew! In the first half of last season here [at Wolfsburg], Micky and I did not have one conversation. He lived right next to me in the apartment complex and, one day, he came to me after training and asked me to drive him home because he didn’t have his car. I’m like, ‘Yeah, this is our first conversation, but for sure, I’ll take you.’ So for two weeks, every day, I took him from training. That’s when we started to speak a little bit more. I found him funny. He found me funny. He took me for my first time to Amsterdam, to see where he lived (growing up). I love that guy. Miss him every day, but I’m glad he’s doing so well.”