Dan Burn admits he’s upset over what’s about to happen at Newcastle

Dan Burn has been reflecting on Newcastle United’s season as it comes to a close and admits that he’s tinged with a hint of sadness at what’s likely to come.

Blyth born Dan Burn has been speaking to The Athletic about this season, but has also admitted that he gets a bit emotional at this time of year thinking about the next season.

The turnaround of Newcastle under Eddie Howe has been nothing short of phenomenal, especially when you think about the fact that much of what he has done has relied on players that were already at the club and signings that didn’t exactly blow people’s minds.

Dan Burn has surprised many people with his performances at Newcastle

One such low-key signing was Dan Burn who Howe brought in from Brighton in his first transfer window in January 2022. Brighton fans knew what a warrior we were getting but Newcastle fans were a bit disappointed that after the takeover and becoming “the world’s richest club”, we were spending £13million on a lad from Brighton.

But now, as Champions League football looms large on the horizon, it’s no secret that big changes are likely to take place over the coming months and some players may find themselves being moved on, other players could come in which will shift the dynamic in the dressing room and that’s what has Dan Burn upset.

Those fans who were thinking that way were soon placated as Burn slotted in brilliantly and has gone on this season to show just how good he is. It’s players like him who have transformed this club. Maybe not world-beaters, not international class, but grafters who believe in what Eddie Howe is trying to do and will run through walls to help him achieve it. That has been the key to Newcastle’s success.

Burn admits that he gets a bit sad at this time of the season
Speaking to The Athletic, Burn said: “I always get a bit sad at this time of the season, because although you know the majority of the lads will be here next year, it’s never exactly the same.

“Some people will leave, others will come in and that’s just football, it shifts and changes every summer. It’ll be a different group and it’ll take me a few days to get over it. You spend so much time with each other — I see these lads more than I see my own family.

“I love this team. I love everything about it. We’ve done a lot together away from football and we’ve become like brothers. I’ve never played in a team like this where everyone wants you to do well.

“I know we’ve not won anything, but from where we’ve been and how far we’ve come and what we’ve achieved… yeah, it’s sad.”

Whatever happens next, the lads that got us to this point will not be forgotten and as long as those that are brought in buy into Howe’s way with the same fervour as those who went before, then it’s all good