Darren Bent says Arsenal man is just like Richarlison, he can really wind up opposition fans

Darren Bent has compared Mikel Arteta with Richarlison, suggesting that the Spaniard is the kind of figure people hate if you do not support Arsenal.

Bent was speaking on talkSPORT following the Gunners boss’ reaction after their controversial 1-0 loss to Newcastle United earlier this month.

Darren Bent understands why some may dislike Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta came in for plenty of criticism for his comments after Arsenal lost at Newcastle. And the 41-year-old is no stranger to having his actions called into question.

Some will think that Arteta gets too emotional on the touchline. But Darren Bent has suggested that it is exactly what Arsenal fans love to see from their manager.

Interestingly, he went on to compare Arteta with Tottenham forward Richarlison, claiming that the Brazilian is a player only his own fans could love.

“I haven’t got a problem with him, his antics on the sidelines. I can understand why they would wind other people up. And that’s another one of those classic scenarios where when he’s one of your own, you ain’t got a problem with it. But when he manages elsewhere, you hate him,” he told talkSPORT.

“Example, probably the biggest one, Richarlison. If he played for your club, you’d probably love the antics. The fact that he doesn’t, you absolutely can’t stand him.”

Arsenal boss surely knows what he’s doing

It does feel as though Arteta’s actions are fairly deliberate. He is a clever guy. And he is aware that if the media is talking about him, they are not discussing his players.

There also seems to be a desire from the Gunners boss to create a siege mentality amongst his squad. He is trying to suggest that everyone is out to get Arsenal.

Of course, that makes it difficult for neutrals to really like the Gunners. But what neutrals think of Arsenal really does not matter.

The unity within the squad took them a long way last season. It was remarkable how the fans reacted to some of the goals they conceded, immediately encouraging the team to put things right. It was certainly in stark contract to what would happen a few years earlier.

Rightly or wrongly, Arteta will feel that his complaints after the loss against Newcastle were justified. But he will surely now be trying to use that perceived injustice to fuel his side going forward.