Dejan Kulusevski names his top five PL wingers of all time – One controversial pick

Tottenham Hotspur star Dejan Kulusevski has been asked to name his top five wingers from the Premier League era, and there was room for one Gareth Bale on his list.

Kulusevski joined Spurs in January 2022 and has gone on to become a key player under both Antonio Conte and now under Ange Postecoglou, too. The Swedish star has scored ten goals and bagged 16 assists in 70 games for the Lilywhites (Transfermarkt).

His hard work and relentless running down the wing for Spurs this season has helped Kulusevski adapt to the requirements of Ange-ball effectively. Indeed, the 23-year-old currently displays all the traits one would expect from a traditional winger.

Kulusevski names the best Premier League wingers

That’s why he was the perfect person to conjure up a list of the all-time best wingers in the Premier League. Speaking to TNT Sports, Kulusevski praised former Spurs man Gareth Bale, and also picked a former Chelsea and Arsenal player, too.

In at number five is Bale, with Kulusevski saying: “We’ve never seen something like him before. He had an unbelievable shot, so fast playing with the ball, could go past people, play in a lot of positions and score a lot of goals. Unbelievable left foot, unbelievable player.”

Kulusevski’s next pick is former Chelsea and Arsenal star, Willian, who currently plays for Fulham. Controversially, Willian almost became a Spurs player before he left his medical to join the Blues, but Kulusevski insists he is “underrated” and “very good to watch.”

Struggling to accurately rate any of the more classic players like Ryan Giggs, Kulusevski next opts for Mohamed Salah at number three. The Spurs man says his Liverpool counterpart is “one of the best ever in the Premier League.”

In the runner-up

In the runner-up spot, Kulusevski picks Cristiano Ronaldo, a player who needs no introduction, and who Kulusevski describes as a “fantastic” performer who is “one of the greatest of all time.”

And finally, Kulusevski’s number one winger in the history of the Premier League is Eden Hazard, who is actually one of his “favourite players from a young age.” Kulusevski explains how watching Hazard made him “happy” as he exuded “joy” and played with so much “freedom.”


Of these, I think Bale and Ronaldo would probably make my list, but I’m a bit more old school than Kulusevski and would have included the likes of David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, and David Ginola on my list.