‘Growing possibility’: 47-year-old is becoming more and more likely to be Spurs boss – journalist

There is a growing possibility that Graham Potter is going to be hired as the new Tottenham manager according to Jack Pitt-Brooke.

Speaking on The View From The Lane Podcast, Pitt-Brooke was speaking about the managerial situation in north London, and he says that there’s a growing possibility of a move for Potter now.

The 47-year-old is, of course, a free agent after being sacked by Chelsea, and while his stock is at a real low at the moment, he clearly still has some admirers within Tottenham after they approached him back in 2021 in the midst of his fantastic time at Brighton.

Potter becoming more likely
Gold shared what he knows about Potter.

“I make reference to the growing possibility of a move back for Graham Potter who is someone Tottenham had a good look at two years ago when they ended up with Nuno, he’s been out of work since being sacked by Chelsea,” Pitt-Brooke said.

“Of the original candidates you have Luis Enrique and Postecoglou in the mix and a rising sense of Potter, and then beyond that it’s who else can push themselves into the frame.”

Bad look
Graham Potter is a very talented coach, but it has to be said that it is a really bad look for Tottenham if they go and hire him.

Not only is his reputation in tatters after his spell at Chelsea, but it only adds to the narrative that Spurs don’t have any other ideas than poaching former Chelsea bosses.

After Villas-Boas, Mourinho and Conte, Tottenham supporters are sick and tired of getting Chelsea’s cast-offs, nevermind a manager who completely crashed and burned at Stamford Bridge.

Potter could be good for Spurs, but it’s hard to imagine that fans will be too happy about this rumour.