‘He’s off the shopping list’: Pundit says Newcastle are too good to sign £50m player now

Michael Bridges has claimed that Newcastle United are now too good to be signing James Ward-Prowse this summer.

Speaking on the GegenPod, the pundit gave his verdict on Newcastle’s transfer plans this summer after they qualified for next season’s Champions League.

As you can imagine, Newcastle are fishing in a much richer pond after qualifying for next season’s UCL, and some of their current transfer targets may have to fall by the wayside now.

Indeed, according to Bridges, there are certain players who will now be off the shopping list, and Bridges believes that Ward-Prowse is one of those players.

Ward-Prowse not a target
Bridges gave his verdict on the £50m player and Newcastle.

“As someone who makes the signings it’s so much easier to go to a player and say ‘will you come here and play Champions League football.’ I was looking at when they played Southampton a few weeks ago and I though Ward-Prowse was on the radar for Newcastle and he would be an easy target. He’s off the shopping list now, there’s no chance, they’re looking at Brozovic, they’re looking at people like Juventus players, there are players available that want to come and play. The list has gone through the roof,” Bridges said.

Bigger and better
Bridges is right, Newcastle United are now fishing in a much bigger and better pond now after becoming a Champions League club once again.

The Magpies have built slowly so far, but now, the Champions League money could well ignite the huge spending that we’ve been waiting on for around 18 months at this point.

Yes, the slow progress has been great to see, but there was always going to be a time where Newcastle shifted into that next gear, and this could be it.

Don’t be shocked if bigger names than Ward-Prowse are headed into St James’ Park this summer.