‘I fully expect’: Journalist says he’s fairly sure £30m player will sign for Newcastle this summer

Charles Watts has said that he’s fairly sure Kieran Tierney will be leaving Arsenal for Newcastle this summer.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, the journalist was running through the numerous players who could be leaving the Gunners this summer, and he said that he’s quite sure that Tierney will be on his way out.

The reporter noted that Tierney is frustrated with his lack of minutes at Arsenal right now, claiming that Newcastle United and Eddie Howe are very keen on the idea of bringing the left-back to St James’ Park.

Tierney to Newcastle.
Watts spoke about the defender.

“Kieran Tierney that is certainly a player I am expecting to leave this summer. Again, like Smith Rowe, I look at it and think ‘do you really want to sell him?’ But from the player’s point of view, he knows he’s not first-choice, he’s not getting many minutes, he’s been frustrated this season,” Watts said.

“He wants to play, you have Newcastle in the running, he’ll be looking at that. Howe always liked Tierney, he wanted him at Bournemouth, it ticks a lot of boxes. Arsenal will be looking at that, they need to get some money in this summer and you have a potential big-money deal there.”

“That’s one I fully expect to happen, how much they can get? I don’t know, Arsenal spent around £30m to get Tierney, they won’t want any less than that, so you’re looking at a big transfer fee there,” Watts said.

Makes a lot of sense
Tierney to Newcastle is just one of those transfers that makes a lot of sense.

Newcastle have made it into the Champions League while using a 6ft 7 centre-half at left-back, they need someone who’s a bit more of a natural in that position if they’re going to progress forwards.

Meanwhile, Tierney, a talented player in his own right, has fallen out of favour at Arsenal and needs another big club to come and pick him up.

Newcastle need a left-back, Tierney needs a new club, it all just makes sense, and sometimes, those are the best kind of transfers.