Ian Wright now gives his verdict on whether Tottenham can win the Premier League

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has now claimed that he’s still not worried about Tottenham Hotspur winning the league this season.

Wright was discussing the possibility with Gary Lineker and Danny Murphy on the BBC’s Match of the Day last night.

The programme displayed a stat showing how the 28 previous teams to have 20 or more points after eight games had finished in the past.

11 had gone on to be champions, 26 had finished in the top four, leaving just two who didn’t.

And Danny Murphy thought he might be sensitive when discussing Tottenham’s chances of winning the league around Ian Wright.

Murphy said: “Look at this, this is exciting for Tottenham fans. 28 teams, 26 of them with the start like this, have ended up in the top four.”

Lineker replied: “Never mind that, 11 of them have been champions, Danny!”

Murphy said: “I didn’t want to say that Gary because Wrighty is here and I didn’t want to worry you, Wrighty.”

Wright simply replied: “I’m not worried.”

A statement Spurs fans will hope to regurgitate in a few months time.

Wright still isn’t convinced that Tottenham can be league champions

Of course, Spurs fans won’t be getting too carried away just yet.

Although Ange Postecoglou’s side have started quite brilliantly there is of course still 30 games to go.

Moreover, their rivals Arsenal proved just how difficult it can be for a team early in their project to sustain such levels.

However, that won’t stop Tottenham fans enjoying the level of performances they are seeing.

James Maddison, Micky van de Ven and Cristian Romero were all outstanding yesterday.

And although Wright isn’t concerned about Tottenham winning the league, he may not enjoy seeing them sit ahead of Arsenal.

Spurs don’t need to concern themselves with talk of a league title just yet.

And Postecoglou does seem like the perfect man to keep feet firmly on the ground.