Jurgen Klopp on Bobby Firmino: “As a Person, As a Human, As a Boy, I Will Miss Him”

Roberto “Bobby” Firmino’s reign at Liverpool Football Club has finally come to an end after eight fantastic years. Lucky for us, they’re producing a documentary about his time at Liverpool, for which comments were sought from Jurgen Klopp.

Klopp explained how key Bobby has been to his style of play.

“He is so integral for everything what happened here in my time. I think he is still the player who started most games even when recently he didn’t start that often”, said Klopp.

“It’s just that I couldn’t imagine for a long, long time how our game would look without him. So, we had to find ways when he was not available and we came through these spells: Sadio [Mane] last year, for example, did exceptional, did that really well.”

The tributes at Bobby’s last home game against Aston Villa and the parties following that showed the special place he held in the hearts of the club and fans. And Klopp emphasized that.

“As a person, as a human, as a boy, I will miss him. As a player we all will miss him, but anyway I think it’s the right way to part ways: very respectful, with tears in our eyes and with the knowledge that we will definitely miss each other because it will be the other way around the same”, he said.

While his next adventure is yet to be revealed, Klopp is sure that Bobby is a “Liverpool great”.

“What can you wish more for in a footballer’s life than that?” he added, poignantly.