Kulusevski is essential to “Ange-Ball”

Dejan Kulusevski has made a tremendous impact since joining Spurs in January of 2022.

This season, he’s admittedly gotten off to a slower start than some had expected with just two goals in nine games. However, he’s the type of player that works quite well in Ange’s system, and he’s actually contributed more than one might think.

With an emphasis on attacking play above all else, Ange’s style benefits from getting the ball up the pitch.

As a winger, Kulusevski plays a crucial role in carrying out this task.

When receiving the ball out wide, options are usually limited to passing to the player you received from, sending the ball back, playing through balls for an overlapping teammate, or carrying the ball yourself.

While the last option may seem the most difficult, it’s something Deki has been able to do quite frequently.

Kulu’s “expected threat” stat is up there with likes of the most highly rated wingers in the Prem. Most games he’s able to create space and shake off defenders to create numerous scoring opportunities.

Therefore, the limited goals (2) can likely be explained by some confidence and composure that are currently missing from his game.

In the match against Fulham the Swedish international was met with two great chances in the box, one of which missed the target and the other didn’t leave his foot in time.

Once Kulusevski quickens his decision-making in the final third, he’ll fit perfectly into the wing role that Ange is looking for and start converting the chances he’s creating into actual goal contributions.