Liverpool Supporters Criticize UEFA’s Ticket Costs In Paris

The Reds’ ticket allotment for their match against Real Madrid in Paris on May 28 has been set at 19,618 tickets, ranging in price from £50.30 to £578.63.

Only 15,500 seats were made available in the two lowest pricing tiers of £50.32 and £125.79 after a request from Anfield chiefs and their Spanish counterparts.

UEFA has assigned 23,764 seats to the ‘football family’ and its corporate partners, accounting for 52.3 percent of the Stade de France’s capacity.

A public ballot will be held for the remaining 12,000 tickets, although some have already been posted on resale websites for £3,275, with hospitality seats priced at £15,499

. Spirit of Shankly, in an open letter, criticized UEFA’s anti-Super League position while boosting ticket revenue by 38 percent since 2018.

“UEFA’s ticket revenue has increased by 38 percent in four years, from €3.06 million to €4.22 million since LFC last played Real Madrid in the final in 2018,” according to the letter.

“When UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin spoke out against the unsuccessful Super League, he remarked, ‘I couldn’t understand how you can see your people protesting and you don’t care.’ You’re not impoverished in the first place, but you want more and more and more.’

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