Liverpool feel 24-year-old is £20m too expensive for them, there’s a big gulf in valuations – journalist

One midfielder Liverpool don’t look like signing this summer is Chelsea’s Mason Mount, who looks set for a move to Manchester United instead.

Mount was on the Reds’ radar for some time as we approached the summer window. However, it does seem like things have moved on and Mount seems to be down the list of players Jurgen Klopp now wants.

And according to journalist Ben Jacobs, there is a very good reason for Mount not being on Liverpool’s radar anymore.

Liverpool think Mount is too expensive
Reports over the weekend have suggested Chelsea are looking to bring in over £80m for Mount. That sort of money is not too far off what the Reds were going to shell out for Jude Bellingham.

And according to Jacobs, speaking on The Football Terrace podcast, the fee has indeed caused Liverpool to look elsewhere.

“Fee wise, it’s not true the £85m. I know we see some reports that high. I’m still told it’s more around £75m and should someone table that number, then there’s a very realistic chance that deal gets done pretty quickly,” Jacobs said.

“But Manchester United are looking more at under £60m. That’s why I’ve been reporting for weeks that there’s a £15-20m gulf in valuation. Liverpool feel the same way, Arsenal also feel the same way. There’s a £15-20m gulf between suitors and Chelsea.”

RTK’s View: Club right to take this view
Mason Mount is a good player and would undoubtedly do well in a Jurgen Klopp team. However, you do have to give the club some credit here.

Paying more than £70-80m for Mount seems absurd. Yes, he has done well for Chelsea and he would count towards the homegrown quota. But for that money, the Reds are entitled to demand a bit more from a player.

It will be interesting to see who does end up splashing out on Mount. He clearly wants out of Chelsea but money could be a factor for others, like it is for us.

If he does stay at Chelsea, it would surely only be down to someone not being willing to splash out.