‘My understanding’: Journalist shares update about PSG’s owners’ interest in Spurs

Speaking on Last Word on Spurs, Ben Jacobs has been discussing the idea of PSG’s owners, QSI, getting involved in the ownership structure at Tottenham Hotspur.

Jacobs himself broke a story about QSI having an interest in purchasing a minority share in a Premier League club, stating that conversations had happened with Daniel Levy about a deal with Spurs, and now, he has a further update.

Unfortunately, Jacobs has poured cold water on any speculation surrounding a full takeover of Spurs from the mega-rich Qataris, stating that simultaneously owning both Spurs and PSG is almost impossible, adding that it’s incredibly unlikely that QSI ditch PSG at this point, claiming that their commitment to Le Parisiens remains firm and aggressive.

Jacobs shared what he knows about this potential investment.

“There can be a try before you buy element where you buy a minority state and ask for a first-refusal when the owner is ready to sell,” Jacobs said.

“Because of the PSG aspect it would be very difficult if not impossible for QSI to own both Tottenham and PSG. Then we speculate about whether they would ditch PSG to move onto Spurs. They would never consider Spurs because they have PSG. It is minority investment within the Premier League we are looking at, and my understanding from the PSG side is that there is a firm and aggressive commitment to PSG, so anything QSI do in the Premier League would remain minority and maybe at a lower percentage than people are speculating.”

QSI won’t become the majority owners of Tottenham anytime soon, but buying a minority share, even a tiny percentage, may still be important.

Indeed, this is an investment group that has a ridiculous amount of wealth, and throwing millions of pounds at a secondary pet project is pocket change for them.

Yes, they probably won’t put as much into Spurs as they do PSG, but every little helps and this could be the financial boost that Tottenham so desperately need to compete at the top level.

This could be a huge development for Spurs.