Newcastle have spinning wheel with cash amounts on but no-one knows what it’s for

Eagle-eyed Newcastle United fans have spotted a money wheel in their training ground – but no one is quite sure what it’s used for.

Newcastle tweeted a four-minute video showing off their new look training ground, hosted by Magpies legend Shola Ameobi. Ameobi explained: “I bet you don’t see many of these knocking around, it’s unique to the training ground!”

On the outer edges of the wheel are the letters of the alphabet, while on the inside are different amounts of money. One fan questioned: “What’s the purpose of the spinning wheel, from a management point of view? It’s not just some random wheel.”

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“Can we have a bit more info on the spinning wheel of money please admin,” a second asked. While a third added: “I thought exactly the same! What the hell is it?”

“I think it is fines. I’m sure Wilson mentioned on his podcast they had one at Bournemouth,” a fourth said. And another responded: “I think it must be but the lack of explanation is so funny to me!”

Newcastle’s training ground has gone under “extensive” redevelopment in the past couple of months as the Magpies qualified for the Champions League.

Amanda Staveley has confirmed Newcastle are currently ‘looking at’ building a new training ground. She said: “We can do things that we couldn’t do 10 years ago. We’re looking at developing a new training ground at the moment.

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