‘Poor’: Michael Owen says he was so wrong about Liverpool 20-year-old, he’s worse than he thought

Michael Owen has admitted that he was wrong about Fabio Carvalho at the start of the season.

Speaking on Premier League Productions, the pundit was reviewing his pre-season predictions, and before the season started, he tipped Carvalho to be the Young Player of the Year.

Sadly, it hasn’t quite worked out like that for the Portuguese midfielder. He’s barely played for the Reds this season and there are now question marks over his future.

Upon being reminded of his pre-season prediction, Owen admitted that he was wrong about Carvalho, stating that it was poor pick to name him as the potential Young Player of the Year.

Owen was wrong
The pundit looked back on his predictions.

“Let’s brush over those last two, let’s forget about the last two. We’ve had a good season so we can forget about those. On a serious note, the young talent was probably a poor pick, but the one to watch (Luis Diaz) I’m not too upset with that one, he got injured, and if you ask me to do it again next season he might be in my thoughts,” Owen said.

Not easy
It’s always hard to predict who the Young Player of the Year will be in any given season, but it has to be said that Carvalho has really underperformed here.

It’s not that Carvalho isn’t a fantastic player. He lit up the Championship last season, but he doesn’t fit into Jurgen Klopp’s system and he didn’t get the right opportunities.

What the future holds for Carvalho remains to be seen, he’s a fantastic young player with so much potential, but he needs the chance to grow into the player he looked like he could become when he was at Fulham.