Report: Daniel Levy thinks it’s going to be really tough to hire ‘unbelievable’ manager now, he wants the job

Luis Enrique has long been touted as a managerial target for Tottenham Hotspur, but Daniel Levy now has doubts over whether or not a deal could be done.

Indeed, according to The Independent, Levy thinks that a deal for Enrique will be really tough to conclude after the Spaniard made some rather big demands in his interview with Chelsea.

It’s not clear what these demands were, but it looks as though the ‘unbelievable‘ manager wants some promises made to him before he joins any club.

Daniel Levy isn’t exactly the king of compromises, so it’s not all that surprising to see that there are a few bumps in the road here as Enrique is considered.

Of course, if Tottenham truly wanted Enrique, Levy could find a way to bow to his demands, but as many Spurs fans will know, getting Levy to compromise is like drawing blood from a stone sometimes.

The fact that Levy thinks this deal will be tough doesn’t necessarily mean it is impossible though. Let’s not forget, before hiring Antonio Conte, a very similar story unfolded in the summer of 2021 before both parties managed to come to some sort of agreement a few months later.

As time ticks on Enrique will be more and more anxious to get back into work, while Spurs may become more and more desperate to get someone through the door.

This deal will be difficult, but there is scope for the two parties to potentially meet in the middle further down the line.