Report: ‘Fantastic’ £200,000-a-week player may need to take pay-cut to join Spurs; he earns the same as Kane

Harry Maguire may have to be prepared to take a pay-cut if he wants to join Tottenham Hotspur this summer, with the Manchester United star on the same money as Harry Kane right now.

That is according to a report from ESPN, which notes that Tottenham have now been offered the chance to sign Harry Maguire in the summer.

Manchester United are ready to let the 30-year-old go in the coming months. And the likes of Spurs and West Ham have been offered the defender.

Maguire may need to take pay-cut to join Tottenham
However, Tottenham may have a tough time convincing Maguire to join. ESPN reports that he is earning £200,000-a-week at Old Trafford. And those wages are going to go up after Manchester United qualified for the Champions League.

It is suggested that Maguire is going to have to be prepared to take a pay-cut as Harry Kane currently earns a similar amount.

Obviously, Maguire will want the best deal possible wherever he goes this summer – if he does leave Manchester United. But you cannot help but feel that he may be better off not demanding a lucrative contract.

Maguire has previously been a ‘fantastic‘ player. And Manchester United made him the world’s most expensive defender when they signed him from Leicester.

But things have really not gone to plan in Manchester. He has come in for so much criticism and ridicule. So it may not do him many favours if the world knows that he has joined Tottenham as one of their highest-paid players.

That does not mean that he should be willing to play for free. But you really get the feeling that Maguire would benefit from just going under the radar for a little while.