Sir Jim Ratcliffe should give up on Man Utd and buy perfect Premier League rival instead

Sir Jim Ratcliffe should shelve his plans to buy Manchester United – and snap up Spurs instead.

The billionaire businessman might be one of the frontrunners to take over at Old Trafford from the Glazers. But to my mind he should fix his gaze on north London.

Ratcliffe and Ineos have confirmed that they have submitted a bid for majority ownership of United. However, I think the Qataris will end up taking over one of the world’s biggest clubs – why wouldn’t they? They have the cash to turn heads.

But Ratcliffe should satisfy his burning desire to be the owner of one of the big six by giving either head honcho Daniel Levy or owner Joe Lewis a call. The chemical magnate was linked with Chelsea, so he clearly wants to get his hands dirty in football club ownership and Spurs tick all the boxes.

Manchester United, by comparison, is a minefield and he’d be on a hiding to nothing there.

He will make better business decisions in north London because he’s not
emotionally involved like he would be at Old Trafford.

What’s there not to like at Tottenham?

Levy has overseen a huge upturn in the club’s fortunes. He has built a brilliant stadium which is a 365-day-a-year operation. The training facilities are up there with the best. The raw ingredients are there. And now is the time that the hierarchy would accept it. The protests have started and they’re not going to go away. The manager might be good enough. The players aren’t.

The relationship is only ever going to be fractious.